Special issue on Politics and Policy of CCS in Global Environmental Change

A special issue containing 12 research articles was published in the journal Global Environmental Change in May 2011. The aim of the special issue was to make a distinct social science contribution to the CCS debate by taking stock of key policy options, institutional barriers, challenges and benefits posed by CCS. The guest editors of the issue were Associate Professor Karin Bäckstrand, Professor James Meadowcroft and Professor Michael Oppenheimer. Leading international scholars among the Mistra CCS partners have been contributing to the special issue.

White paper on regulation, politics and policy of CCS

Based on the scientific assessment in the special issue, a white book on CCS summarizing key findings and research needs will be presented to Mistra in 2010. The white paper will identify the research needs and gaps in knowledge regarding the development of CCS in a potential future call of Mistra CCS research program.

CCS workshop/official side event at COP 15 summit in Copenhagen December 2009

In conjunction with the development of the white paper, Mistra-CCS presented the preliminary results from the white paper at the COP 15 as covered by Earth Negotiation Bulletin. This event was coordinated with the launch of the Mistra Honest Broker Platform and also included a panel of international experts on CCS.